Staycation at The Gramercy Residences

Staycation has become very popular nowadays. As they say, why go far when you can have a stress-free (stress from resort, lodging AND transportation arrangements, baon preparation, traffic, etc) vacation right in the metro!

We tried the hype. It was a stay-in of only two nights and we are looking forward to doing it again.

Because we are the best bloggers in the world (this being our first ‘travel’ post is a lame excuse), almost all the pictures are grabbed from Sam’s, our host, page! We’ll remember to take pictures next time.

Address: The Gramercy Residences, Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street, Century City, Makati

How to get there: Aside from the convenience of cabbing (which we opted to do!), you may also take a Guadalupe-Ayala jeep near the Guadalupe MRT station and alight in front of A.Venue Mall.

We checked in at around 5-ish PM.


 We were welcomed by Mang Jun (Sam’s caretaker) and this signage in front!


The grand lobby – I’m okay to stay here all day. It’s so pretty!

Sam’s unit is on the 43rd floor. It is a 30 square ft. studio type room.

Here is what you will see first upon entering.


A queen size bed that fits 2 people, glass wall covered with floor length brown/beige curtains, a dresser, and a small entertainment system (that came with an experience that could cover an entire separate post d:)


A telephone and DSL line, a very comfy sofa that could alternate to bed (its comfy-ness being discovered on the last day of stay), a small glass center table, and the kitchen area (heat induction cooker, microwave, electric kettle turned pitcher d:, rice cooker, and complete with table and cooking utensils!)


Shoe rack, refrigerator, a dining table for two!


A clean bathroom! Well the little roach was probably a part of the welcoming committee too!


And of course, the balcony!

We were left by Mang Jun right after his short spiel of what can and can not be done in the unit (appliances included) and in the building.

To be honest, we came with nothing in mind. No list of activities planned ahead. We just decided to really just relax and abuse whatever is in store for us in the building. Even the food was very laid back.

We entertained ourselves with our endless chatting and watching few downloaded thriller movies Fatima had in her laptop and whatever was on the Cignal cable TV.

Our stay came with access to all the amenities of the building, just like in any hotel accommodation.


Fatima went to the gym on the 37th floor, while I cooked.


The Director’s Club – Gramercy’s mini theatre on the 35th floor! The place could accommodate probably up to 30 people. We watched (Read: slept through) Gravity, “the story of how Clooney would rather float away and die than spend one more minute with Bullock” according to Tina Fey. ((:


We roamed around while we were waiting for the movie time and found the Gaming Room. There were XBox, Wii..


.. billiards, tables I thought perfect for card games!

And.. the badass pools on 36th!!! ❤


Sky Pool where the only spot the sun shone through. In my opinion, it would be lovelier if there were more spots not shaded.


Another view of  the Sky Pool.


Lap Pool.


Sun Deck.


The Skypark Cafe that we did not get to experience because it was closed during our stay.

And the garden, the outdoor playground and the kids’ area (probably in the Gaming Room) that I only saw in the site while I was copying pictures. I heard there’s also a spa.


It would have been fun to emote here!



And while I was browsing the net, I saw that The Gramercy Residences boasts being the tallest building in the Philippines. Well, it has 71 floors, where the now famous luxury club 71 Gramercy is at.


 71 Gramercy on 71st floor. Now I understand why the name. (:

Here are the only pictures we took ourselves.


The view from our room’s balcony, just a few minutes before the sun set.

And our shameless selfies in the room and in the diner before going home.


Overall, it was an amazing stay. The place is very worth it, I forgot about the few minor hassles we had prior.

What we absolutely loved:

  • The location – nearby there’s drug stores, food outlets, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, banks.

What we learned:

  • Take pictures, you are bloggers! Charot!
  • Familiarize yourself with the location. Nearby stores may help you plan what you’ll bring from your own fridge/closet.

Glysolid Glycerin Cream

I am not that picky when it comes to body cream. As long as it promises high SPF protection for my day cream and anything goes for my night cream, I am fine and ok.

However, recently, my feet need more attention. The dryness becomes noticeable! At night, I could feel the rough skin when my feet rub with the sheets. I thought a regular spa is all I need.

Until this Glysolid was introduced to me.


Notice the foreign script above the name. Yes, it is not from the Philippines! I tried asking my brother who is currently based in Qatar to look for it and finally I have it!

Going back. Here’s how it’s like inside.


It’s like any ordinary lotion in a can!

I remember my brother said it also comes in tubes and bottles!


Photo grabbed from Google

Now let’s break it down.

The texture is closely similar to a petroleum jelly. Lightly thick and a little oily. It has a mild shower scent you’d want to put more. What I like about it is it lasts longer. I only apply every other night and I forget I have this dryness problem!

And I only thought of looking at the bottom of the can now!


True! It smoothens, it softens, it protects! You can really feel it after just one application!

Cost: 400ml for 16 Qatari Rial or around 200 PhP

I hope you (and I in the future) find online sellers!

iVi Premium Collagen Powder Drink


Exaggerated break outs: Nightmare.

I had breakouts mid last year. Tried several known good treatments, consulted my Dermatologist, still no go.

The months of July to mid November were frustrating for me, til a good friend recommended ‘ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink’.

See the illustrations:
From day 0 to day 4:


Recommended dosage was twice a day. I got so excited as day passed by that i forgot to track the improvements.

Here’s 4 weeks after:


I wasn’t able to take the drink as recommended after seeing a significant improvement, I stopped taking it religiously that I only take it once a week.

Here’s 11 weeks after:


To sum it up, I have taken 3 boxes of it, in 15 weeks and I am very satisfied with how my forehead looks like, btw, it also made my skin fair-er. 🙂

Verdict: 👍

Where to get iVi:

Watsons and South Star Pharmacies

Cost: P113-116 per drink

Curel Ultra Healing

“My search for sensitive skin relief ended when Curel Ultra Healing worked for me”

My skin’s a major retard; extra dry and crazy sensitive all year round, annoyingly itchy and bumpy on summer, scaly and itchy (still) on cooler days. Verily, Skin Asthma it is -i personally claim to be a combination of Atopic and Contact Dermatitis. So I’ve tried several products that claims to posses the relief: products A, P, C, then Curel Ultra Healing.. Truth is, they could be really working great — for others, but me.

One more thing, most brands claim to be ‘Fragrance-Free’, however, they still smell, probably because of its ingredients (truth: no fragrance was really added); but my skin, being extra sensitive, cannot tolerate “Fragrance-Free’ lotions, it always, always has to be ‘Unscented’.

Curel Ultra Healing made my skin (and my palms!) look and feel rough no more, without feeling greasy, and smelling funny.

Vouching for Curel Ultra Healing’s claims:

Absorbs quickly Goes on smoothly

Long lasting (claims to last for 24 hrs.)

Moisturizes well, Softens skin


Thank God for Curel. I just wish they are easily/readily available in the local market.

Where to get it locally:

PX Stores in Shopsville, Greenhills |
Pioneer (Pasig) Center Supermart | Duty Free (Puregold) Subic


Cost: roughly P550-P850

Have other (local) sources to share with us? Let us know, please.

Milcu 2 in 1 Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder

Category: Tried and True

Very effective product, true as described..

No more smelly armpit and feet!

Milcu’s claims:

All Natural
Does not stain fabric
Provides all day protection
Controls all excessive perspiration
Prevents body odor without clogging pores..

Verdict: 👍

true to its words 🙂

Official Milcu Site

What is Milcu?

Milcu is an All Natural deodorant that is uniquely formulated to effectively stop body odor. It won’t give you a sticky feeling when applied to your underarms and feet.

What’s in Milcu?

Milcu has been formulated with Potassium Alum or Potash Alum; mother earth’s pure mineral salts “Potassium Sulfate 12-Hydrate” commonly known as Tawas crystals. It has been widely used in Asia, Europe, and Latin America as an All Natural deodorant alternative for the feet and underarms.

How do I use Milcu?

Sprinkle some Milcu powder on your palm or use the Magic Puff foam and apply evenly on your freshly cleansed, dry skin. You may sprinkle Milcu powder directly into your footwear to freshen them up or make a footbath and have a relaxing soak to clear up athletes’ foot.

Milcu is all natural and safe since it has:

NO alcohol that burns or irritates the skin

NO perfume which leads to an unpleasant body odor

NO preservatives or ingredients that you can’t pronounce

NO emulsifiers or oils that clog up your pores

NO parabens (linked to breast cancer)

NO chemicals that may stain your clothes

Where to get it:

Leading Supermarkets
Leading Pharmacies




40 grams- not less than Php 40
80 grams- not less than Php 80
Sachets- not less than Php 12

Love Affair with MAC

It’s been a little over three years of loyal relationship!

My love for cosmetics started since time immemorial. But my laziness grows as time goes by. Recently, my constant facial fixture has been only lipstick.

I acknowledge that the brand is pricey (and that this does not deserve to be in this blog). But MAC Lipstick is a long-wear lipstick. The application lasts the whole day. If there’s a need to retouch, I would have to just do damply. A tube may last up to 3 months or so.

I definitely get what I paid for. I do not get the sticky and heavy feeling when I press my lips together. I barely feel it’s there.

Plus, they have several finishes and gazillions of shades available for you to choose from!

What I usually do is I go to the store and pick the shade/s that I like! Finish for me is just secondary.

But probably some of you finish matters. So I’ll share with you my thoughts.

I have tried 5 finishes (10 shades) to date: Image

1. Matte – Candy Yum Yum, Diva, Lady Danger, Russian Red

This is my favorite. No shine or gloss which makes the color more striking. Very smooth to apply. Tested long-wearing. I can rely on this for night-outs and parties.

It’s a dry lipstick so it tends to dry your lips. But this is okay for me because I moisturize my lips at night.


2. Satin – Paramount, Pink Nouveau, Rebel

This is quite like matte, only a bit shinier and creamier. It moisturizes your lips a little. My problem with Satin is that it gives a tight feeling probably because of its dry yet creamy texture. Like matte, this is also long-wearing.


3. Amplified Creme: Show Orchid

This is creamy and a bit glossy. Amplified though is known for its outrageous and outstanding color. Show Orchid is a bright Barbie pink which I think is perfect for a bit gloss. It wears noticeably shorter than the first two, probably because of the gloss.


4. Retro Matte – Ruby Woo

I’ve got to try Retro Matte only because I wanted Ruby Woo. The shade is really popular for red lipstick lovers. In fact, it’s always sold out.

However, it turns out to be not as good as my other red matte lipsticks.

Its dryness is very noticeable, not recommended for dry lips. Because of that, it is quite difficult to apply that you somehow have to hold one side of your lip for you to be able to drag across the other side. Another disappointment is that it chips after a few hours. You would need to completely rub off then reapply. A little trick I think worked is to put a little balm on your lip before application.

Like matte, it also has no shine or gloss. Image

5. Cremesheen: Lickable

This is a popular pick for some. But I am not a fan of shiny and glossy lipsticks. If you are, then this one is for you.

Note that glossy make-ups tend to fade quicker though, so you need to reapply often. It smudges easily also. I only gave it a try because I wanted a closely similar Show Orchid shade.

Here they are on my arm. (:

Lady Danger, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Diva, Paramount,
Rebel, Pink Nouveau, Lickable, Show Orchid, Candy Yum Yum

Other finishes MAC Lipstick has are Amplified, Frost, Glaze, and Lustre. I have not tried them yet because my preference has been loud shades and non-glossy finishes.

Where to get it:
(at least the ones that I personally saw)

Marionnaud, Mall of Asia
Rustan’s Makati
Rustan’s Shangrila
Rustan’s Rockwell
SM Megamall



Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste

Category: Tried and True

Very effective product, true as described..
Yet to try their other 2 variants (Fresh and Cool and Salted Herbal Toothpaste)

Source: Twin Lotus Website

Twin Lotus Original Herbal Toothpaste
“Dark, Coarse and Bitter are good”, because it is made from natural herbs.”
“Dark” as we blend assorted natural herbs together without bleaching them to preserve its natural goodness.
“Coarse” as our herb powder will be swelled when absorbing water, giving the softness and high flexibility in cleaning teeth and gum smoothly without damaging teeth enamel.
“Bitter” as it is original taste of natural herbs.

Altogether it helps clean your teeth and gum, eliminates bad breath, and safely decreases cigarettes, tea, and coffee stains, as well as keeps your breath fresh and clean all day long.

Where to get it:
Hi-Top Supermart Aurora
36 Aurora Blvd cor F. Castillo St.
Hi-Top Supermart Quezon Ave.
1650 Quezon Ave. cor. Sgt Esguerra St., QC

Available sizes : 40, 100, 150, 150(Twin Pack), 180 and 180(Twin Pack) g.


P35 – 40g